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2513 TEXT 여수경도 골프&리조트 亞 100대 브랜드 선정 Yeosu’s Gyeong-do Golf & Resort Selected as One of Top 100 Asia Brands The Jeonnam Tourism Corporation has announced that Yeosu City’s Gyeong-do Golf & Resort was sel… 11-30 2155
2512 TEXT 전남도, KTX 개통 5개 분야 대응과제 마련한다 [음식,숙박] Jeollanamdo to Prepare Infrastructures for Opening of KTX [Food and Accommodation] Famous for its tasty local food and culinary restaurants spread across the province, Jeoll… 03-18 2156
2511 TEXT 전남 농수산물, 서울에서 맛본다 Jeollanamdo-grown Agricultural and Fisheries Goods Available in Seoul High-quality farming and fisheries goods from Jeollanamdo will be made available in Seoul and Seoul-located traditional markets. Jeol… 03-23 2157
2510 TEXT 광주시, 대학생 학자금 대출이자 전액 지원 Gwangju to Offer Aid to Local Students with Low Interest Student Loans The city of Gwangju will offer low interest rates for all regional university students on their school loans from the fi… 03-30 2157
2509 TEXT 호남선 KTX 효과, 전라도 여행 상품 인기 얻어 Jeollado Tourism Packages Gain Popularity Due to Honam KTX Effect Since the opening of the Honam KTX linking the capital and the Honam regions in 93 minutes, tourism packages and accommod… 04-09 2157
2508 TEXT 광주하계유니버시아드, ‘유니 브로’ 주관대학으로 호남대학교 선정하다 Gwangju Summer Universiade to Select Honam University as Hosting University of 'Uni-Bro' The LTE On-line Broadcasting Station 'Uni-Bro�… 06-02 2158
2507 TEXT 유니버시아드, 전직 대사들 ‘U대회 국제자문대사’로 위촉한다 Gwangju Universiade to Appoint Former Ambassadors as ‘Universiade International Counselors’ Organizers for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will appoint form… 04-07 2158
2506 TEXT 메르스 여파로 무등산 정상 개방 행사 취소 Opening of Mt. Mudeung Summit Event to be Canceled Due to the Spread of MERS Staying with MERS, the official seasonal opening of the summit area of Mt. Mudeung scheduled to be held on Saturday… 06-10 2158
2505 TEXT 정부, 광주 U대회 참가 북 선수단 경비 지원 검토 The National Government Looking Into Support for North Korean Athletes Upon the official notification of the participation of North Korea in the Summer Universiade, the South Korean g… 03-09 2158
2504 TEXT 광주시 시민참여예산위원 선정 Gwangju to Select Civil Budget Inspection Committee Members The city of Gwangju has reportedly selected a total of 56 civil budget inspection committee members and posted the information on the official webpa… 04-17 2158
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