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910 TEXT 진도군, 관광객 500만명 유치 시동 Jindo to Begin Tourist Attraction Project for 5 Million Travelers Jindo-gun district has established a set of measures to stimulate its regional tourism with an aim of attracting more than 5 million visito… 12-12 4582
909 TEXT 새누리 김무성 대표, 광양 순천서 최고위원회의 개최 Saenuri Chairman Kim Mu-seong Holds the Supreme Council Meeting in Gwangyang Ruling Saenuri Party chairman, Rep. Kim Mu-seong, held the party’s supreme council meeting in Gwang… 08-15 4589
908 TEXT ‘착한운전 마일리지’ 광주 서약률 전국 1위 Gwangju Marks the Highest Participation Rate for ‘Good Driver Mileage’ The first day of August will celebrate one year anniversary since the first adoption of ‘Good Driver Mileage… 07-30 4590
907 TEXT 광주 고려인마을 지원센터 설립 모금활동 Gwangju to Collect Donations for Construction of Goryeo-in Support Center A MOU signing ceremony that pledges support from various sectors to construct an integrative support center for Korean D… 07-22 4596
906 TEXT 광주, 아시아 디자인 중심에 서다 Gwangju as a Center of Asian Design The city of Gwangju will host the ‘2014 Asia Design Forum’ from November 2nd to the 16th at the Gwangju Design Center in order to build collaborative networks to re… 07-16 4597
905 TEXT 광주 독립운동기념탑, 상무 시민공원에 건립 Gwangju Independence Movement Memorial Tower Erected in Citizens’ Park in Sangmu The Gwangju Independence Movement Memorial Tower has been erected in Gwangju’s Sangmu Citizens’ Park… 12-05 4598
904 TEXT 중소기업중앙회, 2015년 신규 외국인력 접수 받는다 Korea Federation of SMEs to Accept Applications for Foreign Laborers The Korea Federation of Small and Medium sized corporations will accept applications for foreign laborers in orde… 12-31 4606
903 TEXT 완도수산고, 글로벌 수산인재 양성 Wando Maritime High School Cultivating Global Fisheries Experts Korea’s one and only Meister High School specializing in maritime education and fisheries industry, the Wando Maritime High School, ha… 07-29 4611
902 TEXT 화순적벽 인기, 한달 새 5천명 다녀갔다 HwasunJeokbyeok Gains Popularity Marking more than 5,000 Visitors in One Month Recently opened to the public for the first time in 30 years, the Hwasun Jeokbyeok, meaning red wall, located in Hwas… 12-02 4619
901 TEXT 전남 3개 지역 특화사업 선정 Specialization Project in Jeollanamdo Finalized Jeollanamdo has announced that three regional projects have been selected by the Regional Development Committee for next year’s Creative Local Business Fund. T… 10-13 4621
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