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1132 TEXT 보성, 서울서 ‘세계 명차 품평대회 개최’ ‘World Green Tea Fair’ to be Held in Boseong and Seoul The 2nd World Green Tea Fair will be held in the Boseong-located Korea Tea Culture Park and the Seoul COEX Center from September 11th… 09-01 4112
1131 TEXT 518 기념재단 연구소 만든다 May 18th Memorial Foundation Research Institute to be Established Aimed at finding the truth behind the 1980 May 18th Democratization Movement and memorializing the Gwangju citizens’ struggle for democracy, the… 12-16 4116
1130 TEXT 문화전당 건립에 되살아나는 옛 도청 앞 광장문화 Old Provincial Square Revived through Asia Culture Complex The traditionally popular spot among university students and laborers for staging street protests and marching activities si… 12-25 4116
1129 TEXT 전남 교통정책 100원 택시, 버스 공영제 본격화 Transportation Policy in Jeollanamdo Reforms for Promotion of Greater Welfare Transportation policies mainly focusing on promoting the welfare of the residents in Jeollanamdo will be adop… 08-04 4117
1128 TEXT 청년 사랑방, 광주청년센터 들어선다 Gwangju Youth Center for Cultural and Creative Activities Among the Young Generation in Gwangju to be Launched A Gwangju Youth Center, which will function as a multi-purpose center for cultural and c… 12-09 4117
1127 TEXT 미디어아트 흐름, 강진에서 만난다 Historical Media Art Exhibition Available in Gangjin An historical media art exhibition showcasing media art works from the 1980s to 2013 is currently taking place at Gangjin Art Hall until December 31st… 12-15 4118
1126 TEXT 여름과일 가격 급락 Prices of Summer Fruit Items See Rapid Fall Prices of representative fruit items harvested and sold in the summer season continue to fall with the price of yellow melons having fallen 28 percent, while watermelons dropped … 08-04 4119
1125 TEXT 전라남도, 9월 관광주간 맞아 관광객 유치 총력 Jeollanamdo to Attract Travelers Nationwide for ‘Tourism Week’ in September Jeollanamdo recently hosted a regional conference meeting to discuss and develop tourism programs targetin… 08-22 4123
1124 TEXT 치매 국책연구단 광주센터 오늘 개소 National Alzheimer Research Center Opens Up its Gwangju Branch A national Alzheimer Research Center aimed at studying and researching for the effective prevention and management of Alzheimer and Deme… 12-22 4125
1123 TEXT 통진당 해산, 광주전남 의원 무소속된다 Aftermath of the Constitutional Court’s Decision on UPP Dissolution Brings Confusion in Local Politics As the Constitutional Court decides to disband the Unified Progressive Party, lawmakers fr… 12-22 4125
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