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800 TEXT 광주 동구, 전국 최초 ‘인권시범마을’ 조성 Gwangju Dong-gu to be Transformed into ‘Human Rights Town’ Gwangju’s Dong-gu district will construct a ‘Human Rights Town’ in the county for the first time in the nation starting … 10-20 4853
799 TEXT 한국전력 ‘나주시대’ 12월 17일에 열린다 KEPCO’s Bitgaram Headquarters to be Opened on December 17th One of Korea’s biggest state-owned companies, Korea Electric Power Corporation will open its Bitgaram branch, located in the Gwan… 10-13 4854
798 TEXT 기아 타이거즈, 선동열 감독 재계약 Kia Tigers Sign Manager Sun Dong-yeol Again Kia Tigers have signed Sun Dong-yeol as its manager for two more seasons in 2015 and 2016 despite his disappointing three-year term from 2012 to 2014 when the … 10-20 4854
797 TEXT 세월호 여파로 제주-목포 항로 직격탄 Jeju-Mokpo Ship Route Hit by Ferry Sinking Accident According to Mokpo Maritime Affairs and Port Office, the total number of passengers that used ferries traveling to southwestern coastal areas in th… 07-28 4854
796 TEXT 안산시, 진도군민에게 세월호 사고 도움 고마움, 장터로 보답 Ahnsan City Expresses Gratitude to Jindo Residents The city of Ahnsan hosted a fisheries market featuring fishery items raised and produced in Jindo to express gratitu… 07-22 4857
795 TEXT 광주전남 시도교육청, 고 3교실 운영방안 마련 Educational Offices in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Prepare Operation Plans for High School Seniors Educational offices in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo have each prepared operation plans for high s… 11-17 4864
794 TEXT 추석에 물가 들썩, 서민 가계 한숨 Consumer Price Jumps Before Chuseok, Citizens’ Worry Grows Leading up to one of Korea’s two biggest holidays, Chuseok or Thanksgiving Day, the consumer price index is rising, causing concerns among citi… 07-15 4867
793 TEXT 함평군 국향대전 모금액, 유니세프 전달 Donations Made at Hampyeong Chrysanthemum Festival to be Forwarded to UNICEF Hampyeong-gun district UNICEF branch has donated some 9 million won collected during the 2014 Korea Chrysanthemum Fest… 11-27 4867
792 TEXT 7.30 재보선, 오늘내일 사전 투표 Preliminary Voting for July 30th By-Elections Begins Today Pre-voting, first adopted in the June 4th Regional Elections, will be available starting today for two days for the July 30th By Elections. In Gw… 07-25 4867
791 TEXT 광주전남 지자체들 관사 임대 Regional Municipalities to Rent Out Residence Areas Municipalities in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo are selling or renting out to ordinary citizens some residence areas, which have been allocated to public officials.… 07-17 4869
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