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17904 TEXT 국민의힘, 오늘 호남서 예산정책 협의…"전향적 내용도 가능" People Power Party to hold budget policy discussion in Honam(호남) today The People Power Party will visit the Honam(호남) regions of Gwangju, Jeonbuk(전북), and Jeo… 10-27 35
17903 TEXT 함평 일가족 관련 확진자 1명 늘어…총 5명 Hampyeong(함평) related COVID 19 cases increased to 5 in total There was an elementary school student confirmed to be infected with COVID 19 as of today. This is accordingto Jeonnam Province o… 11-02 35
17902 TEXT 제91주년 광주학생운동 기념식 3일 개최 The 91st Gwangju Students Movement Ceremony held on Nov. 3rd The '91st Students Independence Movement Ceremony' will be held on Nov. 3rd within Gwangju City. This movement resisted the Japa… 11-03 35
17901 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 26,807 총 75명 추가, 확진자 다시 100명 이하 이틀째 COVID 19 daily infections add 75 to total 26,807, virus cases return to double digits for second consecutive day South Korea's COVID 19 cases stayed… 11-03 35
17900 TEXT 작년 출생아 100명 중 6명은 다문화가정 자녀…"저출생 영향" 6% of last year's new born babies from multicultural families Last year's total number of new born babies recorded 6 out of 100 being from multicultural families… 11-05 36
17899 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 27,195 총 145명 추가, 확진자 100명 이상 3일째, 집단 감염 이어져 COVID 19 daily infections increase by 145 to total 27,195, new virus cases above 100 for 3rd day on chains of cluster infections South Kor… 11-06 36
17898 TEXT 9월 방한 외국인 6만 5천명, 1년 전 대비 95.5% 감소 Foreigners visiting Korea decreased by 95.5% compared to 1 year ago with Sept. visitors recorded at 65,000 The Korea Tourism Organization revealed on Nov. 9th that September recorded a 95.… 11-09 36
17897 TEXT 전남 순천·광양서 7명 추가 확진…지역 전파 지속 Jeonnam's Suncheon(순천), GwangYang(광양) with 7 infected patients as regional transmission continues Jeonnam'sSuncheon(순천) and GwangYang(광양) regions had 7 addition… 11-16 36
17896 TEXT 한전공대 신입생 선발 '수능·내신없다'…내년 5월 확정 KEPCO Institute of Technology admission screening to be announced next May It was decided that the KEPCO Institute of Technology that is to open in Mar. 2022 will confir… 10-26 36
17895 TEXT 전남 22개 시군, 재정분권·섬진강 방류 피해 공동대처 Jeonnam's 22 cities and counties join to respond to the financial decentralization and Seomjin(섬진) River discharge Jeonnam region's 22 cities and counties decided … 10-28 36
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