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15858 TEXT 광주도시철도 2호선 공사 구간에서 유적 발견Cultural assets were excavated at the construction site of Gwangju metro line no.2 There were cultural heritage items discovered at the construction site of Gwangju metro line no.2. Our Jongmin Kim… 02-13 38
15857 TEXT '신종코로나 확산' 전남 행사 축제 연기·취소 줄이어(종합) Alarm for regional festivals and events as the new coronavirus spreads As concerns for the new coronavirus influenza are spreading, Jeonnam’s festivals and events … 02-03 38
15856 TEXT 신종코로나4명 추가…‘16번 확진자’25일 나주서 접촉한 오빠도 ‘바이러스 양성’ 판정 4 more confirmed new coronavirus patients totaling 23 confirmed within the nation, 22ndcase being the 16thpatient’s brother who made conta… 02-06 38
15855 TEXT “외국인 전화 주세요”…’신종코로나’위기,관광도 힘 보탠다. “Call number for foreigners”, with the new coronavirus crisis, tourism authorities also contributing For the prevention of the national spread of the new coronaviru… 02-06 38
15854 TEXT 전남대병원, 16번째 신종코로나 환자에 에이즈 치료제 사용 Jeonnam University Hospital, using AIDS medication for the 16thcoronavirus patient It is reported that AIDS medication was administered to the new coronavirus patients in Gwangj… 02-07 38
15853 TEXT 신종코로나 확산에 선거 운동 변화…온라인·정책 홍보 주력 Alterations in the election campaigns with the new coronavirus spread to focus on policies and online promotion online As the fears for the new coronavirus influenza spre… 02-03 39
15852 TEXT 광주광역시,민주시민교육 지원사업 공모 Gwangju city to open contest for support businesses for Civil Education Gwangju city revealed that subsidy support businesses for the 2020 Civil Education, or Gwangju Civil University will be recruit… 02-04 39
15851 TEXT 오늘 우한 폐렴 환자 2명 추가 확진.. Two more cases of the novel coronavirus confirmed The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed there are 2 more confirmed cases of the new coronavirus influenza within the nation. Our Hyu… 02-05 39
15850 TEXT 신종코로나 검사, 민간병원 50곳으로 확대... 광주.전남은 딸랑1곳 50 private hospitals can test for the new coronavirus, only 1 in the Gwangju.Jeonnam region Amid the extension to 50 private hospitals running diagnostic tests across … 02-07 39
15849 TEXT "접촉자 전원 격리·1대1 관리"…새 신종코로나 지침 마련 “All contacted personnel to be quarantined, 1 to 1 management” amended countermeasures for the new coronavirus influenza From now on, anyone who made contact with confirme… 02-03 40
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