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18340 TEXT 전남농기원, 녹차 추출물 이용 손소독제 개발 Jeonnam's ARES develops hand-sanitizer out of green-tea extract Jeonnam Province's Agricultural Research and Extension Services or ARES revealed on Jan. 5th that hand-sanitizer prod… 01-05 30
18339 TEXT 전남도, 불법체류 외국인 등 코로나19 선제 검사 Jeonnam Province to conduct COVID 19 preemptive tests for illegally residing foreigners and others There will be preemptive tests reinforced within Jeonnam Province including foreigners ille… 01-07 30
18338 TEXT 광주시, 5개 전문기업과 인공지능 비즈니스 기반 조성 협약 Gwangju City signs agreements with 5 corporations for AI business foundation establishment Well known artificial intelligence corporations are headed to Gwangju City. This … 01-13 30
18337 TEXT 외국인, 음성 확인서 의무화 Foreigners mandated to bring 'negative confirmation' With the increasing rate of COVID 19 daily infections within the country, there are concerns rising of rapid transmission of the variation of the virus… 01-04 31
18336 TEXT 광주 요양시설 확진자 전담치료병상 확대, 전남 전담요양병원101 병상 확보 Gwangju with extended designatedtreatment beds for nursing institution patients, and Jeonnam with 101 secured beds Gwangju City decided to extend its des… 01-05 31
18335 TEXT 광주 호흡기 전담 클리닉 3곳 추가해 총 13곳 운영, 전남 22개 시군구축 Gwangju adds 3 Designated Respiratory Clinics to total 13, 22 in cities and counties within Jeonnam There were 3 designated respiratory clinics added within Gwa… 01-08 31
18334 TEXT 광주시, 411개소 고위험시설 전담공무원밀착관리 Gwangju City designates public officers for 411 high-risk facilities Gwangju City has designated public officers to operate close-management for high-risk facilities where recent cluster … 01-08 31
18333 TEXT 옛 광주전남중기청, AI 스타트업 산실 탈바꿈 Old Gwangju Jeonnam Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration to be reformed into AI Startup Office The old office of the Gwangju Jeonnam Regional Small and Medium Venture Busin… 01-13 31
18332 TEXT 광주 GGM 올해 첫 차 생산, 국내 23년만에 첫 자동차 완성 공장 Gwangju GGM to produce first cars next year, first new automobile factory across the country in 23 years Gwangju Global Motors or GGM, which is the first corporation model u… 12-31 32
18331 TEXT 광주 도심 차량속도 '30~50㎞'제한…시·경찰, 교통시설물 설치 Gwangju inner city vehicle speed limited to 30-50km Gwangju's inner city area will be limiting vehicle speeds to between 30 and 50km per hour. This is to beg… 01-04 32
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