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2175 TEXT 당정청,신용카드 소득공제3년 연장키로 Credit card use tax deduction to be extended for 3 years A temporary tax deduction for credit card use will be extended for another three years. According to Rep. Kim Chung Woo of the parliamentar… 03-13 215
2174 TEXT 광주시,홍수 대비 하천3곳 보강공사 추진 As the climate changes and rainfall is expected to increase, the City of Gwangju announced it would improve reinforcements near 3 rivers; Seobang-Chun (서방천), Yongjeon-Chun (용전천), and Daech… 11-25 215
2173 TEXT 광주세계수영대회 기간 인천공항-송정역KTX운행한다 KTX to run between Incheon Itn’l Airport and Gwangju Songjeong Station during FINA Worlds During the 2019 Gwangju FINA World Aquatics Championships, bullet trains will connect Incheo… 05-23 215
2172 TEXT '총장 내홍'조선대,새총장 선출규정 확정…9월말∼10월초 선거 Chosun University set to elect new president Members of Chosun University’s board held a meeting on Thursday and decided to elect a new school President soon.… 08-23 215
2171 TEXT 15pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo are under sunny skies today. Some clouds will begin moving in from this afternoon. Thanks to active air movement, dust levels will be lowered and remain in normal ranges for … 04-08 215
2170 TEXT 보성다향제2일 개막…서편제소리축제·철쭉문화행사도 이어져 Bosung Dahyang Festival welcomes visitors from May 2 to 6 The 45th Bosung Dahyang Festival will kick off its 5-day run on Thursday. With a goal to promote tea drinki… 05-02 215
2169 TEXT 인권위, '체육계 미투'실태조사 역대 최대규모 조사단 Human Rights Commission to investigate sexual violence allegations in sports The National Human Rights Commission of Korea on Tuesday announced its plans to launch a speci… 01-22 215
2168 TEXT 5·18 39주년 기념'전국의5·18'사진전 개최 Photo exhibition opens in Gwangju to commemorate May 18 Vivid records of the democratization movements that took place nationwide in the 1980’s are now on display at the May 18 Archives in… 05-02 215
2167 TEXT 이개호 "과잉 양파 12만t 전량 격리…필요한 모든 정책 추진" Agriculture Minister visits Hampyeong on onion related inspection Lee Gae Ho, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, visited Hampyeong on Monday to check on onsit… 06-18 215
2166 TEXT 광주청년 일경험 사업'인기'…500명 모집에1천74명 신청 Gwangju’s job experience program gains popularity The City of Gwangju said Monday that a total of 1,074 people applied to its Youth Job Experience Dream Program. The Y… 02-19 215
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