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2698 TEXT 광주 초등학교 고학년 교실 공기정화장치 설치비26억 배부 Gwangju Education Office to install more air purifiers at elementary schools The Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education allocated 2.6 billion won in budget to local element… 03-08 267
2697 TEXT '맛의 고장 광주'식도락 관광도시로 만든다 Gwangju to transform into City of Delicacies Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong Seop on Monday held a press conference at City Hall and announced plans to commercialize Gwangju food. Recently, 7… 05-20 267
2696 TEXT 광주-전남서 이어진 故 이희호 여사 애도 물결 Gwangju-Jeollanamdo citizens mourn passing of former First Lady Gwangju and Jeollanamdo citizens are mourning the passing of Lee Hee Ho, the wife of late former President Kim Dae Jung. Le… 06-12 267
2695 TEXT 8am weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will be under partly cloudy skies today. Temperatures will be on the rise and it will be a relativelymild day. The mercury will linger in ranges between -5 and 8 degrees for … 01-17 267
2694 TEXT 양현종, 7이닝 무실점··· KIA,감독대행 체제 첫 위닝시리즈 KIA Tigers score first winning series under acting coach system The KIA Tigers finished its first 3-game series 2-1 under acting coach Park Heung Sik. Park’s first game w… 05-20 267
2693 TEXT 15pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Heavy clouds will blanket Gwangju and Jeollanamdo throughout this weekend. On and off rain is in the forecast for the area. The dust levels will remain in good to normal ranges thanks to active air… 07-26 267
2692 TEXT 아시아문화전당 야외 물놀이장2만2천여명 다녀가 ACC hosts 22,000 at its water park Gwangju City Hall said Monday that the Asia Culture Center’s water park provided summer excitement for some 22,000 people. From July 9th to August … 08-20 267
2691 TEXT 12pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will be under partly cloudy skies today. The air quality started out in normal ranges, however, the fine dust levels will fluctuate in and out of bad ranges this afternoon. … 01-17 267
2690 TEXT 광주 특수학급11개 증설…216개 학교275개 학급 운영 Gwangju to increase number of special ed. classes The Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education held a briefing on its plans to run special education programs on Tuesday. The Office … 02-13 267
2689 TEXT 전남 올봄 이상저온4천여 농가3천900㏊ 피해…나주 과수 집중 Jeollanamdo fruit farms take on damages from unexpected cold weather Some 4,000 farms in 18 cities and counties of Jeollanamdo reported damages on their produce due to an une… 07-04 267
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