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2702 TEXT 목포 신중앙시장 인접 식당가 화재…점포13개 불에 타 Fire burns 13 stores in Mokpo Joongang Market A fire broke out and burned down 13 stores in a traditional market in Mokpo. The Mokpo Fire Department said Monday the fire ignited … 01-07 268
2701 TEXT 광주FINA세계수영선수권 개막6일,대회 이모저모 FINA Worlds Day 6-What is happening The 18th FINA World Championships is continuing on the 6th day and there are some interesting stories being reported. Yeongju Ahn has details. As the … 07-17 268
2700 TEXT 금호·광신고속 광주-김포공항 노선 운행 Kumho-Gwangshin Express Bus to provide Gwangju-Gimpo Airport route Kumho Express and Gwangshin Express will newly launch Gwangju-Gimpo Airport services from July 25th. The new route will provide… 07-17 268
2699 TEXT 15pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo are having another hot and steamy day today. Some 10~70mm of sporadic showersare expected throughout the region. The air quality levels will sit in normal ranges while the U… 08-08 268
2698 TEXT 전남도2022년까지 관광객6천만명 유치…비전·전략 수립 Jeollanamdo to attract 60 million tourists by 2022 Jeollanamdo on Wednesday announced plans to attract 60 million tourists by 2022. The plans worth over 7.6 trillion won inclu… 01-31 268
2697 TEXT 전국은행연합회,광주수영대회 입장권20억원 구매 KFB purchases 2-billion-won worth FINA Worlds tickets The Korea Federation of Banks on Tuesday handed over its letter of intent to Gwangju City Hall and local organizing committee for the… 06-25 268
2696 TEXT 한전, CO2 배출 없는'그린수소 사업'추진 KEPCO to introduce Green Hydrogen Project KEPCO launched a project to further develop hydrogen energy. Hyungjin Ro has details. The Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) is promoting … 09-02 268
2695 TEXT '20년 만의 잠실 홈런왕' 김재환, KBO리그 MVP…신인상은 강백호 Doosan’s Kim Jae Hwan crowned MVP in KBO-Kang Baek Ho wins top rookie The Korea Baseball Organization announced its top players on Monday, the 19th. Kim Jae… 11-19 268
2694 TEXT 광주수영대회 성공 기원 BTS 출연 슈퍼콘서트 '안전하게' Gwangju Aquatics Championship O.C. to put safety first preparing for Super Concert with BTS The 2019 Gwangju World Aquatics Championship Organizing Committee said Thursda… 04-17 268
2693 TEXT 13개 산단 포화·노후…광주에 최소3개 신규 산단 추진 Gwangju to push for establishment of 3 more industrial complex Gwangju City Hall is set to push for the establishment of new large scale industrial complexes. According to the Cit… 08-08 268
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