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539 TEXT 최경환 "5일 보안사 작성 5·18 문건 목록 2천여건 공개 예정" Presentation of Gwangju May 18thMovement Photo Books held A briefing session for the May 18thDemocratic Movement’s hidden photographs was held on Tuesday at the Old Jeonnam … 12-04 144
538 TEXT 여수∼고흥 잇는 국도77호선 내년2월 완전 개통 National Route 77 will be opened to the public next February. Iksan (익산) Construction and Management Administration (ICMA) announced the completion and opening of the National Route 77, w… 12-10 143
537 TEXT 광주 어등산 관광단지 조성 협약16일 체결…내년 사업 착수 Gwangju to finalize the agreement with the Mt. Eodeung contractor The Eodeung Mountain development project is looking forward to getting into stride as the Cit… 12-12 143
536 TEXT 전남도의회 국도17호선 기점 여수 남면 연도로 변경 촉구 Jeonnam Provincial Council urges No. 863 local road to be promoted into national road. The Jeollanamdo Provincial Council’s 3rd regular session of the 336th ordinary meeting y… 12-13 143
535 TEXT 국립남도국악원, 국악과 일출을 동시에 Jindo National Gugak Center to hold new year’s event Jindo County will hold a new year’s event ‘2020 Special Culture Experience for New Year’ at the National Gugak Center for 3 days starting from… 12-17 143
534 TEXT 광주시,배드민턴·양궁 국제대회 국비3억1000만원 확보 Gwangju to host international badminton and archery competitions in 2020. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) selected Gwangju City as the 2020 stage for internationa… 12-19 143
533 TEXT 2020광주비엔날레 대중과 소통 2020 Gwangju Biennale holds ‘GB Talk’ event The Gwangju Biennale Foundation and the National Museum of Contemporary Art will jointly host the ‘GB Talk: A Rising Heart, A Soul to Greet’ at the Seoul Museum o… 12-26 143
532 TEXT 광주전남지역 수능만점자 올해는 없다. Gwangju Jeonnam have no perfect score recorded on this year’s CSAT The Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Offices of Education announced that there were no test takers in the region who achieved a perfect scor… 12-04 143
531 TEXT 광주옥외광고대상전서 '대장금 반찬' 대상 수상 The 14th Gwangju Sign Expo will be held from November 6th at the May 18th Democracy Square for 3 days. The Expo is held to showcase various artistic works with creativity, exce… 11-07 142
530 TEXT 한국,프리미어12준우승 The South Korean National Baseball Team lost to Japan by 3-5 in the championship final of the 2019 WBSC Premier 12 tournament on Sunday. They lost to Japan the day before with 8-10 as well. South Korean manager Kim Kyun… 11-18 142
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