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2917 TEXT 광주 아파트 가격 미미한 하락세…타 도시보다 낙폭 적어 Gwangju apartment prices drop-but less than other cities The Korea Appraisal Board on Thursday released trends in apartment prices from April 14th to May 20th. According to d… 05-24 310
2916 TEXT 광주형 일자리'자동차 공장 건설 감리업체 입찰 공고 The Gwangju Type Job Project’s legal procedures, Gwangju Global Motors (GGM), posted a public announcement on Friday to find its construction supervision consultant for the veh… 11-25 310
2915 TEXT 광주시,올해 친환경 자동차1천353대 보급 Gwangju to provide 1350 eco-friendly cars this year The City of Gwangju is set to provide more eco-friendly vehicles to make the City cleaner and greener. Hyungjin Ro has details. Gwangju City an… 02-18 310
2914 TEXT 2019광주세계마스터즈 수영대회 자원봉사자 교육 FINA Organizing Committee launches volunteer training program for the Masters Championships The City of Gwangju on Wednesday conducted an etiquette education session for citizen supporters … 07-31 310
2913 TEXT 국립아시아문화전당 개관4주년…연간250만명 이용 The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s Asia Culture Center (ACC) meets its 4thanniversary today. Recently released statistics also showed that the center is doing well. The Ce… 11-25 310
2912 TEXT 광주청년 일경험 사업'인기'…500명 모집에1천74명 신청 Gwangju’s job experience program gains popularity The City of Gwangju said Monday that a total of 1,074 people applied to its Youth Job Experience Dream Program. The Y… 02-19 310
2911 TEXT 10am weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Gwangju and Jeollanamdo are having another fiercely cold day. With the continental high system moving down south carrying frigid air, the mercury will linger around 0 degrees all day. The region m… 12-28 310
2910 TEXT 10am weather updates Taking a look at the weather, The early summer heat that dominated Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will be cooled down by the rain today. The region will see some 20~60mm of rain throughout the day while the southern coast and Jirisan a… 05-27 310
2909 TEXT 전남도, 5·18등 과거사 피해자 지원 조직 신설 Jeollanamdo plans to support victims of historic events The Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall will newly install an organization named ‘May 18 Democratic Uprising and Other Historic Events Victims… 07-11 310
2908 TEXT 광주 · 전남 재정 전국 최하위 Gwangju-Jeonnam Financial Status Ranked Last in the Nation Gwangju and Jeollanamdo were found to have the poorest financial status in the country. Yeongju Ahn has the details. Recent statistics shows that Gwan… 12-28 310
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