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2913 TEXT 금호타이어,공장 점거 비정규직노조 형사고소 Kumho Tire files complaints against irregular workers Kumho Tire said Tuesday that it filed complaints against members of its irregular workers’ union for interfering with factory operation… 01-09 314
2912 TEXT 류현진,한국 선수 최초 사이영상 득표…亞 선수 최다 득표 도전 The ‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-Jin, who is now a free agent, become the first South Korean pitcher to be shortlisted for the Cy Young Award in the National League on N… 11-06 314
2911 TEXT 다뉴브강 침몰사고50km지점서20대 한국인 남성 시신 수습 Body of S. Korean victim in Hungary boat sinking retrieved The South Korean government’s quick response team dispatched to Hungary in a mission to find missing victims of a dead… 06-05 314
2910 TEXT 청렴도'광주시 전국 최하위권 추락…전남도 상위권 상승 Gwangju drops its integrity points while Jeonnam rises. The City of Gwangju was rated the lowest on the regional public organization integrity evaluation by the Anti-Corrupt… 12-10 314
2909 TEXT KIA김기훈의 기막힌 반전 드라마··· 6⅔이닝 무실점 쾌투 Tigers’rookie pitches best game since debut The KIA Tigers beat the Kiwoom Heroes 13-6 on Wednesday in a game held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. The Tigers’ rookie, 19-y… 06-27 314
2908 TEXT 목포 해상케이블카 태풍으로 개통식 축소…정상 영업은 7일부터 Mokpo above-water cable car to open as scheduled The opening ceremony for Mokpo’s new above water cable car has been downsized due to safety concerns resulting from … 09-05 314
2907 TEXT 2019광주FINA세계수영선수권 대회기간SRT운임 할인 SRT to provide discounts on tickets for FINA Worlds The SRT speed trains will provide a 5% discount on its tickets to and from Gwangju Songjeong Station in support of the 2019 Gwangju FINA… 06-28 314
2906 TEXT 12pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, GwangjuandJeollanamdo will be underheavy clouds today. The air quality will be in and out of bad ranges with high concentrations of ultrafine dust. Keep a mask handy and pay attention to the weathe… 12-17 314
2905 TEXT 호국보훈의 달 맞아 참전 유공자 위문·교육 행사 풍성 Events to be held around Gwangju for Patriots’ Month of June A series of events are being held around Gwangju in commemoration of the Patriots’ Month of June. According to th… 06-06 314
2904 TEXT 8am weather updates Taking a look at the weather, It will be another cloudy day here in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo today. With temperatures rising back to seasonal norms, mild conditions will continue for the next couple days. The air quality is exp… 01-11 314
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