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777 TEXT 광주시, 추석 연휴 자가격리자 무단이탈 등 특별 관리 Gwangju City with special management for self-quarantined people during Chuseok(추석) holidays Gwangju City revealed on Sept. 28th that there will be special management for COVID1… 09-28 181
776 TEXT 광주시, 인공지능 시제품 제작 67개 기업 선정·지원 Gwangju City selects 67 AI related corporations for support Gwangju City revealed on Oct. 5th that there were 67 AI related production corporations selected for support. … 10-06 178
775 TEXT 광주·전남 지식재산 역량 100점 중 26점…전국 최하위권 Gwangju Jeonnam region's Intellectual Asset Competency 26 out of 100, the lowest in the country Gwangju Jeonnam region's Intellectual Asset Competency had been me… 10-08 178
774 TEXT 청와대 "북한, 우리 국민 총격살해·시신훼손…강력 규탄" Cheong Wa Dae strongly condemns N. Korea for shooting S. Korean national to death CheongWadae(청와대) strongly denounced North Korea's killing of a South Korean by shoo… 09-24 177
773 TEXT 광주 거리두기 2단계 내달 11일까지…추석 고위험 6종 집합금지(종합) 2nd level Social Distancing Measures to continue in Gwangju until Oct. 11th Gwangju City will continue its 2nd level Social Distancing Measures until Oct. 11th… 09-28 177
772 TEXT 썩어가는 배추 ㎏당 1원에 김치공장행…aT "정상품만 판매" Rotting cabbages sold for 1 won per kilo to Kimchi(김치) factories The Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation or the aT was criticized for selling rotting cabbages t… 10-12 175
771 TEXT 순천 확진자 80대 남성 입원치료 1개월 만에 숨져…전남 첫 사망 Suncheon(순천) infected patient in his 80s dies after 1 month of inpatient treatment A male in his 80s in Suncheon(순천) City died of the COVID 19 virus after 1 mo… 09-28 174
770 TEXT 법무부, 등록 외국인 9만명 체류기간 직권 연장 Ministry of Justice to extend residency period for 90,000 registered foreigners The Ministry of Justice revealed on Nov. 30th that it is extending the residency period for 90,000 foreigners … 11-30 171
769 TEXT 광주 학교비정규직 "급식노동자 감축·돌봄교실 민간위탁 반대" Gwangju 'Irregular Employees of Schools' oppose reduction in cafeterialaborers The Irregular Employees Coalition of Gwangju region revealed an opposition stanc… 09-28 171
768 TEXT 순천시, 스카이큐브 인수·운영 시민공청회 개최 Suncheon(순천) City to take over and operate Sky Cube, Citizens Hearing Suncheon City decided to hold a public hearingat the Suncheon(순천) Bay National Garden area on Oct. 16th at 1.30… 10-09 170
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