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620 TEXT 개관 5년 맞은 국립 아시아문화전당에 1천70만명 방문했다 Asia Culture Center meets its 5th year since opening, 10.7 million people visited so far The Asia Culture Center or the ACC met its 5th anniversary of opening on Nov. 25th. … 11-25 103
619 TEXT 광주광역시, '이주민의 알권리와 정보' 컨텐츠 제작 Gwangju City producing 'Migrants' Rights to Know and Information' contents Gwangju City announced that 'Migrants' Right to Know and Access Infor… 12-09 102
618 TEXT Biden inches closer to possible election victory 바이든 대선고지 9부 능선, 선거인단 6명만 추가하면 승리 The U.S President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, were locked in a surprisingly close race a day after the pr… 11-05 102
617 TEXT KOFIH "외국인근로자 이동진료로 국격 높인다” KOFIH "mobile treatment for foreign laborers" The Korea Foundation for International Healthcare or KOFIH conducted 'mobile treatment for foreign laborers' on Nov. 8th. This was at … 11-09 102
616 TEXT 전남 대다수 초·중·고, 19일부터 전면등교 Most Elementary, Middle and High schools within Jeonnam to have complete onsite classes from Oct. 19th Jeonnam region's elementary, middle and high schools plan to operate complete onsite clas… 10-12 102
615 TEXT '한국판 뉴딜'지역 의견 듣는다…10~11일 광주전남 토론회 Presidential Committee debating New Deal policies The Presidential Committee on Policy Planning is holding a debate session at the May 18th Commemorative Culture Center… 11-09 101
614 TEXT 광주 유·초·중·고 12일부터 등교수업 확대 Gwangju Kindergartens, Elementary, Middle and High schools to extend onsite classes from Oct. 12th Gwangju City will be extending its onsite class operations for kindergartens, elementary, m… 10-12 101
613 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 24,988, 총 110명 추가, 확진자 다시 100명 이상 COVID 19 daily infections add 110 to total 24,988, new cases bounce back to triple digits South Korea's new virus cases rebounded to over 100 on Thursday mai… 10-15 101
612 TEXT '어려운 살림에…' 광주국세청, 체납액 큰 폭 증가 Gwangju National Tax Service delinquent tax amount increased greatly The Gwangju National Tax Service revealed that the amount of delinquent taxes has been increasing signific… 10-20 101
611 TEXT 독감백신 접종후 사망자 지속되 Flu shot fears growing as suspected deaths pile up Concerns over seasonal flu shots grew further today as deaths after vaccinations swelled to over 30 with health experts split over whether to continue with the s… 10-23 101
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