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651 TEXT 거리 두기 완화하자마자…광주서 코로나19 재확산 우려 Gwangju with r ebounding COVID 19 regional transmission concerns amidst lessened Social Distancing Gwangju City is experiencing concerns that there could be rebounding regional tr… 10-13 108
650 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 24,988, 총 110명 추가, 확진자 다시 100명 이상 COVID 19 daily infections add 110 to total 24,988, new cases bounce back to triple digits South Korea's new virus cases rebounded to over 100 on Thursday mai… 10-15 108
649 TEXT 고창서 독감백신 맞은 70대 이튿날 사망 Septuagenarian found dead one day after getting flu vaccine shot A septuagenarian was found dead inside her home in the southwestern province of North Jeolla today after getting a flu vaccine shot at … 10-20 108
648 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 25,543 총 121명 추가, 다시 세자릿수 확진자 COVID 19 daily infections add 121 to total 25,543, local virus cases at 1-month high, cluster infections biggest hurdle in virus fight The number of daily COVID… 10-22 108
647 TEXT 광주학교 전체등교 사흘 만에 확진자 발생…노심초사 Gwangju Schools alarmed by infection cases on the 3rd day all-onsite-class operation Gwangju region's elementary, middle and high schools had initiated all-students onsite c… 10-23 108
646 TEXT 광주시, 학교 통학로 10곳 금연거리 조성 Gwangju City to form No-Smoking Zones at 10 School-Roads Gwangju City revealed on Nov. 30th that there will be a 'School Roads No-Smoking Zones Establishment' project promoted. To preve… 12-01 108
645 TEXT 광주 거리두기 2단계 가나…1주일간 확진자 100명 발생 Gwangju Social Distancing level 2 elevation in consideration, 100 infected patients appeared in 1 week There are discussions ongoing within Gwangju City to elevate the Social Distanc… 12-01 108
644 TEXT 광주·전남 학교 75% 스프링클러 설치 안 돼 75% Gwangju Jeonnam Schools' haven't installed sprinklers 75% of the Gwangju Jeonnam regions' kindergartens, special and elementary, middle and high schools are not installed with e… 10-15 107
643 TEXT 광주비엔날레 전시관 벽에 '미디어 파사드'…46억 들여 경관개선 Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall wall to have 'media facade' Gwangju City revealed on Oct. 22nd that there will be a View Improvement Project … 10-22 107
642 TEXT 수능 "작년보다 쉬워…광주전남 결시율 8∼10%" CSAT, "easier than last year, Gwangju-Jeonnam absencerates recorded at 8 to 10%" The Gwangju Office of Education of the Admission Team analyzed this year's College Scholastic Ability Tes… 12-03 107
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