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981 TEXT 이달 광주 확진자 62.4%는 20∼40대…자녀 감염 사례도 빈발 62.4% of Gwangju infection cases this month aged between 20s and 40s The ages of COVID 19 infection cases have lowered, while they have a wider range of activities within Gwangj… 11-26 204
980 TEXT 비상시 국민행동요령, 외국인용 리플렛 제작 배부 Emergency Procedures Manual for Foreigners produced and distributed The Ministry of the Interior and Safety revealed on Dec. 2nd that there will be a total of 600,000 leaflets and b… 12-02 204
979 TEXT 광주 고려인들 연해주에 요양원 설립 모금운동 Gwangju's Goryeo(고려) people fund-raising to establish a nursing institute in YeonHaeju(연해주) in Russia The Goryeo(고려) Town in Gwangju's Gwangsangu(광산구) Wolgokdong(… 01-13 204
978 TEXT 광주 소방학교 생활관, 입국자 격리시설→생활치료센터 전환 Gwangju Fire Academy Dormitory switched to Living Treatment Center Gwangju City decided to extend the Living Treatment Center locations in anticipation of further COVID 19 … 12-15 203
977 TEXT 코로나19 영향에…광주·전남11월 취업자 큰 폭 감소 COVID19 impacts Gwangju Jeonnam employment in Nov. COVID 19 transmission is increasing, impacting job recruitment in the Gwangju Jeonnam regions in Nov. There have been consecutive d… 12-16 203
976 TEXT 외국인 실업자 7만명 사상 최대 Foreigner Unemployed record highest numbers at 70,000 The number of unemployed foreigners had a 38.2% of increase this year compared to last year. This is interpreted to be due to the economic recession as we… 12-21 203
975 TEXT 코로나19로 광주 전남 혈액 수급 심각 수준 COVID 19 to seriously impact blood supply With the extended COVID 19 pandemic across the country, the number of blood donors has dropped significantly to impact the blood supply within the nation.… 12-25 203
974 TEXT 순천시 사회적 거리두기 2단계 격상…단계 세분화 이후 처음(종합) Suncheon(순천) City to raise Social Distancing measures to level 2, first across the country Suncheon(순천) City decided to raise the Social Distancing measures… 11-20 203
973 TEXT Fears grow in S. Korea over suspected flu shot deaths 독감 백신 접종 사망 케이스늘면서 시민 불안감 확산 Concerns over the safety of seasonal flu shots are mounting here after more potential flu shot fatalities were reported Wed. This… 10-22 203
972 TEXT 정총리 "백신협상 마무리 단계"…계약서 검토 거쳐 내달 초 발표(종합) PM Jung, "Vaccine negotiation at the last stage", contract review process to be announced at beginning of next month Jung SeKyun(정세균), the Prime Ministe… 11-23 203
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