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619 TEXT 광주전남 비상,전남대병원 관련 코로나 확진자 추가 발생 Coronavirus infections on the rise, additional cases related to CNU Hospital The Gwangju Jeonnam region is on alert with continuing COVID 19 patients related to Cheonnam(전남)… 11-17 155
618 TEXT 순천서 중학생 1명 코로나 확진…교직원·학생 전수검사 Suncheon(순천) City with 1 middle school student infection of COVID 19, enumeration tests ongoing Suncheon(순천) City had a middle school student infected with COVID 19 today… 11-20 155
617 TEXT 광주 출생육아수당 100만원·월 20만원 지급 Gwangju Childbirth, Nursery Benefits of 1 million won and 200,000 won per month to be distributed There will be childbirth nursery benefits for children under 24 months old born within Gwangju City… 12-29 155
616 TEXT 광주시, AI 방역 강화…가금농가·전통시장 상시 검사 Gwangju City to reinforce the AI preventative measures Gwangju City revealed on Dec. 29th that the highest preventative measures are set for the highly pathogenic strains of Avian In… 12-30 155
615 TEXT 전남 중고생 80% "5ㆍ18 민주화운동 수업 필요" 80% of Jeonnam'sMiddle and High Schools "May 18th Democratization Movement classes are necessary" 70% of the Jeonnam region's elementary school students and 80% of middle and high school… 12-30 155
614 TEXT 광주 비접촉·무증상 감염 10건 확인…확진자 이틀째 한 자릿수 Gwangju with single digit infection cases for 2nd consecutiveday Gwangju City had a decreased number of new COVID 19 infections, staying at a single digit rate for the 2… 12-31 155
613 TEXT 나주서 초등생 가족 4명 확진…800명 전수검사 Naju(나주) City with 4 family members infected, 800 virus tests given Jeonnam Naju(나주) City had 4 family members infected with COVID 19, including elementary school students. According… 11-25 155
612 TEXT 광주 효정요양병원발 확산세 지속…12명 추가 6일간 95명 확진 Gwangju Hyojeong(효정) Nursing Hospital originating infections continue, 95 cases confirmed in 6 days The COVID19 transmission originating from Gwangju Hyojeong(효정) N… 01-07 155
611 TEXT '광주공항 전남 이전' 시민 의견 묻는다…29일 광주서 공청회 'Gwangju Airport transfer to Jeonnam' citizens' opinions collected There will be a public hearing held to collect opinions from Gwangju citizens reg… 10-28 155
610 TEXT 전남 동부권 7개 시군 코로나 진단검사 빨라진다 Jeonnam Eastern Districts' 7 Cities and Counties with faster COVID 19 diagnosis tests The Jeollanamdo(전라남도) Institute of Health and Environment Eastern Branch is in charge of… 10-30 155
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