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14923 TEXT 근로정신대 할머니 – 미쓰비시 손배소 조정 무산 Adjustment for Damage Compensation for Victims of Forced Labor and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Founders Adjustment of damage compensation for forced labor has foundered for both p… 11-07 4182
14922 TEXT ‘순천만’ 담은 영화 ‘순천’ 22일 깜짝 공개 Movie ‘Suncheon’ to be Unveiled at Suncheon Bay World Animal Film Festival The movie, ‘Suncheon’ that features the superb natural surroundings of Suncheon Bay will be unveiled at… 08-18 4181
14921 TEXT 광주 전남 오늘부터 장맛비 Monsoon Rain Begins Today The first round of monsoon rain is forecast to start later this afternoon and heavy rain showers of up to 40 millimeters are in store throughout Gwangju and southwestern coastal region… 07-02 4181
14920 TEXT 순천만 소형무인궤도차, 온라인 예매 시작 Online Reservation for Sky Cube in Suncheon Begins Online reservation is now available for tickets for Sky Cube, the Personal Rapid Transit currently running in Suncheon Bay Garden, at sc-prt.c… 06-27 4180
14919 TEXT 주중 장맛비, 주말부터 본격 더위 Monsoon Rain Begins Tomorrow with Scorching Heat Expected on the Weekend Torrential downpours are in store for Gwangju and Jeollanamdo from tomorrow for three days, with a scorching weekend expected acros… 07-14 4175
14918 TEXT 광주-전남, 단풍 축제 곳곳에서 열린다 Various Autumn Foliage Festivals to be Held in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo With autumn foliage expected to reach its peak toward the end of October leading into early November, a series of foliage fest… 10-24 4175
14917 TEXT 홍콩 여행사 관계자, 단풍 보러 전남 온다 Hong Kong Travel Agency Associates to Visit Jeollanamdo for Autumn Foliage Travel agency associates from Hong Kong will visit Jeollanamdo from November 4th to the 6th to develop tourism p… 11-05 4175
14916 TEXT 보험사, 15일부터 음주운전 여부 조회 Insurance Companies Allowed to Access Drunk Driving Records from July 15th Starting on July 15th, insurance companies in Korea will be eligible to inquire whether potential customers have records for… 07-04 4174
14915 TEXT 내일 팽목항서 세월호 200일 문화제 200 Day Sewol Ferry Cultural Festival to be Held at Paengmok Harbor A special Sewol Ferry Disaster Memorial Culture Event will be held tomorrow on the 200th day since the April 16th ferry sinking acciden… 10-31 4173
14914 TEXT 내달부터 신용카드 결제액 50만원 넘으면 신분증 필요 Credit Card Payments of Over 500,000 Won to Require Identification Card Starting from the end of next month, customers paying with credit cards for goods worth more than 500,00… 11-25 4169
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