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16696 TEXT 전남교육청-언론진흥재단, 자유학기제 업무협약 Jeonnam Education Office and the Korea Press Foundation Agree on the Autonomous Semester System The Jeonnam Education Office made a business agreement with the Korea Press Foundation on the aut… 11-06 4421
16695 TEXT 완도군 스킨스쿠버 전문인력 30명 배출 Wando-gun District Produced Professionals in Skin-scuba Diving The Wando-gun District has recently produced some 30 professionals in Skin-scuba diving. According to the Wando-gun District, … 11-07 4416
16694 TEXT 광주지역 일교차 큰 가을날씨 Temperature Difference Widens in Gwangju for Autumn Season Drastic temperature differences in Gwangju, with the lowest temperatures dropping down into the single digits while the highest peak well above 20 degr… 10-17 4411
16693 TEXT 2015 광주 유니버시아드, 현장 홍보 활동 성과 2015 Gwangju Universiade Benefits from On-site Promotion of the Event On-site promotion activities of the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade are reportedly playing an important role in advert… 11-17 4410
16692 TEXT 광주시, 시청 문화광장 내 야외스케이트장 설치 Gwangju to Install Outdoor Skate Rink in City Hall Culture Square The city of Gwangju will install an outdoor skating rink just outside the city hall culture square following last year… 10-29 4407
16691 TEXT 아시아문화전당 첫 공연 ‘부케티노’ 15일부터 Asia Culture Complex’s First Performance ‘Buchettino’ to be Showcased from the 15th Set to be opened next year in September, the national Asia Culture Complex will hold its first … 11-11 4406
16690 TEXT 한중일 전통문화예술, 광주에서 만난다 Traditional Culture and Art from Korea – China – Japan to Meet in Gwangju A traditional cultural and art festival showcasing culture from Korea, China and Japan from the East Asian cultura… 10-30 4406
16689 TEXT 홍콩 여행사 관계자, 단풍 보러 전남 온다 Hong Kong Travel Agency Associates to Visit Jeollanamdo for Autumn Foliage Travel agency associates from Hong Kong will visit Jeollanamdo from November 4th to the 6th to develop tourism p… 11-05 4404
16688 TEXT 내일 팽목항서 세월호 200일 문화제 200 Day Sewol Ferry Cultural Festival to be Held at Paengmok Harbor A special Sewol Ferry Disaster Memorial Culture Event will be held tomorrow on the 200th day since the April 16th ferry sinking acciden… 10-31 4402
16687 TEXT 전남도 내년 기초노령연금 예산 6,500억 The Basic Senior Pension Budget for the Next Year in Jeollanamdo to be 650 Billion Won The total budget of the basic senior pension for the next year in Jeollanamdo is reportedly set to be 650 … 11-07 4401
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