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18419 TEXT 광주시, 미래형 친환경 수소차 집중 육성 Gwangju to Invest in Eco-friendly Hydrogen Car Business The city of Gwangju will invest in eco-friendly hydrogen-fueled automobile and related industry from this year. Gwangju has already const… 10-09 5163
18418 TEXT 주중 장맛비, 주말부터 본격 더위 Monsoon Rain Begins Tomorrow with Scorching Heat Expected on the Weekend Torrential downpours are in store for Gwangju and Jeollanamdo from tomorrow for three days, with a scorching weekend expected acros… 07-14 5162
18417 TEXT 세월호 실종자가족 ‘수중수색 지속’ 요구 Sewol Ferry Victims’ Family Request to Keep Searching the Sunken Ferry Families of the 10 victims whose bodies have not been discovered since the sinking of the ferry, Sewol, have repo… 10-28 5159
18416 TEXT 여수 여자만, 연안생태 특화 관광지로 Yeosu’s Yeoja Bay to be Transformed into Coastal Ecological Center Equipped with well-preserved natural surroundings such as mudflats, Yeosu-located Yeoja Bay will be transformed into a special hu… 10-08 5154
18415 TEXT 전남 바다양식어장 6,000여 ha 개발된다 Fishery Farms in Jeollanamdo to be Further Developed Fishery farming regions in the coastal areas of Jeollanamdo will be expanded by 6,000 hectares this year to meet the growing demand for Jeollanamd… 07-07 5152
18414 TEXT 순천 원도심, 활성화 프로젝트 시행된다 Revitalization Project for Old Downtown Area in Suncheon Eastern Jeollanamdo in Suncheon and its Hyang-dong and Jungang-dong that were once popular as central hubs of commercial districts in Jeoll… 11-12 5146
18413 TEXT 국제도시학 포럼, 전남대서 개막 International Forum on Urbanism Kicks Off at CNU The 2014 International Forum on Urbanism and its summer school semester kicked off at Jeonam National University on July 5th with the participation of profes… 07-07 5138
18412 TEXT 화순 도곡면 ‘소소미술관’ 개관 Art Museum to be Opened in Hwasun A new local art museum has opened its doors to the public recently at Dogok-myeon in the Hwasun-gun district, raising hopes for the revitalization of the cultural and ar… 11-11 5135
18411 TEXT 내달부터 신용카드 결제액 50만원 넘으면 신분증 필요 Credit Card Payments of Over 500,000 Won to Require Identification Card Starting from the end of next month, customers paying with credit cards for goods worth more than 500,00… 11-25 5131
18410 TEXT 2015 하계 U대회,저비용 고효율로 운영한다 2015 Summer Universiade to be Hosted as Low Budget – High Efficiency The city of Gwangju has released a series of plans to operate the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade with the lowest budget p… 10-27 5130
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