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Production of Passion Fruit Sees Fast Growth in 1 Year

패션프룻, 1년새 재배면적 10배 이상 급성장

Production of Passion Fruit Sees Fast Growth in 1 Year


Production of a subtropical fruit, the passion fruit, in Jeollanamdo is growing fast due to the popularity of the fruit among farmers and customers.

According to Jeollanamdo Agricultural Institute, the production of passion fruit began in some farming areas for the first time in 2008 and passion fruit was selected for a growth of production project by the Rural Region Promotion Center in 2012.

Consequently, the total farming area for passion fruit in Jeollanamdo grew by more than ten times, from last year’s 1.5 hectares in Goheung, Muan and Jangheung to 17 hectares this year.

As research figures find that the average temperature and total precipitation are expected to drastically change for the next 40 years, popular crops for production in Jeollanamdo are expected to face changes.

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