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Gwangju Job Creation Model’s dramatic, fateful day

‘광주형 일자리’ 운명의 날

Gwangju Job Creation Models dramatic, fateful day


The City of Gwangju and Hyundai Motor Co. are currently making the last minute effort to iron out their differences in concluding an investment agreement on a new finished car manufacture line.

Jongmin Kim reports.


Gwangju-type jobs are supported by Gwangju City as the largest shareholder with various welfare programs and Hyundai Motor is supporting car development and production technologies as the second biggest shareholder.


Even though the general consensus surrounding the principal issues have already been made, Hyundai Motor's labor union is fiercely opposing the Gwangju-type Jobs that aim to create jobs by building a new factory that pays half the annual salary of car production workers ranging from 70 million and 90 million won.


In the meantime, many citizens in Gwangju City said, "A starting annual salary of 35 million won is a really good job, but we don't know why the labor community is against it. For our child's future, the government, Gwangju City and the labor community should cooperate."


'The Roundtable for the Successful Promotion of Investment from Hyundai Motor' was dissolved on November 1 after a press briefing and the Gwangju city government forming an 'Investment Promotion Council' in charge of attracting the investments. A separate negotiation team within the Investment Promotion Council will be set up to wrap up the final negotiation with Hyundai Motor.


Not many chances remain as trust has fallen. To make the project work, Gwangju needs to be able to turn the situation around. The union and Hyundai Motors must remember that everyone is watching how sincerely they engage in the negotiations. The Gwangju model is already approaching the end of its allotted time.

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