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Gwangju Education Office to eradicate accounting fraud at private kindergartens

광주교육청사립유치원 사기혐의 고발

Gwangju Education Office to eradicate accounting fraud at private kindergartens


The Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education has wrapped up the first round of audits on private preschools.

Hyungjin Ro has details.


The Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education has filed criminal charges against private kindergartens in the City for suspected accounting and tax fraud, and has asked the tax authorities to conduct an investigation.


In the audit process, a number of private kindergartens were found to have made supply contracts with specific companies, and suspicion of illegal rebate between the contractors and kindergartens was spotted as there were big differences in the unit prices for the same kind of goods.


The education office asked the jurisdictional tax office to conduct investigations on 19 of the 30 private kindergartens that were audited from last November to February. Among all 30 kindergartens, 11 of them were sent to prosecution for refusing the investigation.


The amount of money revealed during the audit process exceeds 3 billion won, 1.25 billion from unjustified subsidies, 140 million from the parents, and 1 billion from nursery fees.


They have also fallen under suspicion for providing secondhand uniforms and lower quality teaching materials after collecting fees for such goods from the parents. Furthermore, some of the facilities are known to have received payments for special classes and activities without doing so.
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