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Strong backlash from Citizens over Liberty Korea Party chairman Hwang’s visit to Gwangju

황교안 광주행..논란 확산

Strong backlash from Citizens over Liberty Korea Party chairman Hwangs visit to Gwangju


Controversies are mounting as Hwang Kyo Ahn, leader of the Liberty Korea Party announced his plan to visit Gwangju on the anniversary of the May 18 Democratic Uprising which falls on this Saturday.

Yeongju Ahn has details.


Condemnation is growing from Gwangju citizens and May 18th organizations towards the chairman of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party, Hwang Kyo-ahn as he announced his visit to Gwangju for the commemoration ceremony of the May 18th democratic movement.


Some said he does not deserve to visit Gwangju without handling those party members who caused public uproar with their remarks regarding the Gwangju Democratic Movement while politicians said it is his intention to instigate regionalism between Honam and Yoengnam regions.


Representative Lee Jeong Mi of the Justice Party said this is a brutal attack on the Honam people and an insult against Yeongnam people.


However, floor leader of the main opposition party, Na Kyung-won said it would be difficult to solve the issue before May 18th due to the internal circumstances.


Meanwhile, the former presidential Chief of Staff Im Jong-seok and two other former aides to President Moon visited Gwangju on Tuesday and paid their respects at the May 18th National Cemetery for the victims of the 1980 democratic uprising in the city.


Yoon Young-chan, former presidential senior secretary for public relations, and Kwon Hyuk-ki, former head of the press center at the Blue House, accompanied Im.


Their visit to Gwangju signals the start of their preparations to run for the general elections.
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