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A Day Before FINA Worlds Opening, Gwangju Is In a Festive Mood

2019 광주세계수영선수권대회 개막 하루 전광주 전체 ‘축제 분위기’

A Day Before FINA Worlds Opening, Gwangju Is In a Festive Mood


Only one day remains till the opening of the FINA World Championships and Gwangju is ready to turn it into a festivity.

Yeongju Ahn reports.


A day before the official opening of the 2019 FINA World Aquatics Championships, Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong Sup held a conference at City Hall in attendance with the 2 Vice Mayors of the City and related officials,  requesting that City officials ensure complete readiness for the opening of the event.


Reportedly, Mayor Lee and the two Vice Mayors participated in the final opening ceremony rehearsal making final checks, and Mayor Lee Yong Sup is reported to have expressed his satisfaction that the City is completely ready.


To celebrate the opening, on the eve of the event, various performances and a concert will be held at the May 18th Democracy Square and its nearby area on July 11th from 9 am to midnight. Accordingly, special traffic measures will be in effect related to the roads around the event site, including some parts of Geumnam-ro and Seoseok-ro. Buses will also be redirected.


Apart from the main event to be held in downtown, various local entities joined forces in creating a festive atmosphere during the championship period to welcome visitors to the City. In Gwangsan-gu, a huge FINA themed mural has been painted, along with 12 Trick Art Photo-zones  on Gwangsan-ro located near Gwangju-Seongjeong station, and at night oil lights will be set up at Uncheon Resevoir in Seogu.


With all the preparations seemingly done, it is time to welcome the world and Dive into Peace.

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