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Gwangju opens special Tourist Information Center for FINA visitors

광주세계수영대회 기간 관광안내센터 특별 운영

Gwangju opens special Tourist Information Center for FINA visitors


To aid foreign tourists visiting Gwangju for the FINA Worlds, Gwangju City Hall opened up tourist information centers at the major venues of the event.

Hyungjin Ro has details.


Gwangju City said it started the operation of a Tourist Information Center at the athletes village and the main stadium of Nambu University for worldwide visitors during the World Aquatics Championships period.


The center aims to guide visitors through comprehensive information on tourism in Gwangju, including attractions, restaurants, home stays, performances and transportation and will also offer special tour packages.


It said the Gwangju City Tour Bus program will run 14 times during the Aquatics and Masters Championships. The program will include a traditional cultural experience in Mudeungsan National Park, Wonhyo Temple and traditional culture center, a traditional food making experience at Seochang Hanok Village and the Namdo Local Food Museum, also watching traditional Korean music performances at the Gwangju Performance Arena.


It also said special tour programs operating during the competition period offers 7 different courses. It will guide visitors to various historic sites and tourist attractions in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo.


Meanwhile, volunteers are getting ready to provide assistance to some 2,600 athletes from 194 different countries around the world. Some 130 volunteer interpreters from the Army will also be on hand at the global sporting event.

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