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Gwangju FC head coach named Coach of June

'18경기 무패광주 박진섭 감독, K리그 6월의 감독에 선정

Gwangju FC head coach named Coach of June


Gwangju FCs head coach Park Jin Seop has been named the Coach of Month for June.


Parks squad swept 4 games held in June netting 8 goals while only allowing 1 goal to pass from their opponents.


Including the 4 wins scored in June, Gwangju FC is running high in the K-League second tier with 12 wins and 6 ties.


18 games with no loss is a tie to Gyeongnam FCs longest undefeated record set in 2017.


The award will be handed to Park at Gwangju FCs match against Suwon FC at 8 p.m. on July 27th at Gwangju World Cup Stadium.

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