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Gwangju to host international sports exchanges for youth

광주시, 국제 청소년 스포츠 교류 대회 연달아 유치

Gwangju to host international sports exchanges for youth


Gwangju City Hall successfully attracted the Korea Sports & Olympic Committee’s sport exchange programs for youth.


Gwangju will host the Korea-China Youth Sports Exchange in 2020 and Korea-Japan Youth Summer Sports Exchange in 2021.


Some 450 million won in budget will be allocated to host those events from the KSOC.


Around 160 middle school students are expected to take part in the Korea-China Youth Sports Exchange, competing in 3 events of basketball, table tennis and badminton.


The exchange will take place in Gwangju in July 2020 and in China in November 2020.


Also, about 440 youth athletes will participate in the Korea-Japan exchange and compete in 5 events of football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis and badminton.


This event is set for August 2021 and will be followed by one in Japan in August 2022.

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