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2019 Gwanagju Swimming Championship: Day 4 wrap-up

-광주세계수영오늘 경기 결과

2019 Gwanagju Swimming Championship: Day 4 wrap-up

We are already into Day 4 of the 18th FINA World Championships Gwangju 2019; GFN reporter Jongmin Kim will tell us more about the latest on the games. Let's kick things off with the highlights.


South Korea lost its opening men's water polo match against Greece 26-3 at the Championships on Monday, a score that belied the losing side's strong push in the second half.


Kim Moon-Soo scored the historic first goal for the South Korean water polo team midway through the third quarter, and Kim Dong-Hyeok picked up two goals in the fourth. But they weren't nearly enough against the Greek onslaught that spoiled the host nation's debut at the Nambu University Water Polo Venue.


South Korea will next play Serbia, the 2017 bronze medalist, at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, followed by Montenegro, who finished fifth two years ago, at 5:50 p.m. Friday.


Moving on to Diving: Women’s synchronized 3m springboard, Kim Su-Ji paired with female diver Cho-Eunbi. They settled for 12th place in the 3m springboard final, Kim and Cho scored 258.75 points to rank 12th after five attempts at Nambu University. However, Kim Su-Ji captured a surprise bronze in the 1m springboard on Saturday, becoming the first South Korean woman and the first diver from the country of any gender to win a swimming world championships medal.


Kim is also expected to be paired with male diver Kim Yeong-Nam in the 3m and 10m team finals at Nambu University Municipal Aquatics Center. There will be 17 teams in the field and their combined scores from the 3m springboard and 10m platform will determine the winners.

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