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KEPCO College Establishment Plan Approved By Board

한전공대 설립 본격 추진... 한전 이사회 기본계획 가결

KEPCO College Establishment Plan Approved By Board


The establishment of the KEPCO Engineering School is well underway.

Yeongju Ahn has the latest updates.


As the KEPCO Board of Directors approved the plan for the KEPCO College establishment plan, the next steps will proceeded in earnest. On August 8th, KEPCO held a temporary meeting at KEPCO Art Center and passed the ‘KEPCO College & Incorporation Establishment Plan’


The Board of Directors consists of 7 executive directors including KEPCO President Kim Jong Gap, Inspection Commissioner Lee Jeong Hee and 5 vice presidents of KEPCO, and 8 non-executive directors including Committee Director Kim Tae You.


The plan approved by the board is the same as the basic plan confirmed by the KEPCO College Establishment Support Committee on June 10th of this year.


KEPCO will begin to establish the school foundation and will start the construction work from next year. KEPCO College will be located in Naju City, Jeollanamdo, and it aims to open by March 2022. The number of students will be around 1,000, with some 100 professors.


KEPCO will shoulder the burden the cost for the establishment, and the national and local governments will provide financial support later. The government will also revise the related laws to provide financial subsidies for the swift establishment of the school. In addition, Jeollanamdo and Naju City will support 200 billion won, 100 billion won respectively, for the next 10 years from 2022.

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