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Muan Int'l Airport saw 550 thousand users between January and July

무안공항 1~7월 이용객 55만명…작년 전체 이용객 수 추월

Muan Int'l Airport saw 550 thousand users between January and July


The number of travelers that used Muan International Airport from January to July this year exceeded the total number of 2018.


Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall said about 555,000 people traveled through Muan Airport in the first 7 months of this year.


The number saw a 189% increase compared to the same period in 2018 which was recorded at 293,000 and also the number exceeded last year's total users of 540,000.


The number is expected to increase even more as Jeju Air will introduce 2 roundtrips a week to Chinas Yanji and Zhangjiajie from August 21st.


Lee Sang Hoon, Head of Jeollanamdo Road & Traffic Division said the Provincial Hall will continue with efforts to diversify travel routes at the airport so as to achieve its goal to attract 1 million users.

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