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Hearing on Chun Doo Hwan’s libel trial proceeds in Gwangju

전두환 명예훼손 재판…5·18 당시 군인들 법정 설까

Hearing on Chun Doo Hwans libel trial proceeds in Gwangju


A hearing on Chun Doo Hwans libel trial was held in Gwangju on Monday.


One more witness to helicopter shootings during the May 18 Democratic Uprising attended the hearing.


In the previous 3 sessions, a total of 14 witnesses made statements that they saw military helicopters shooting at civilians in a crackdown on the pro-democracy movement.


Chun did not attend the hearing as he was granted non-attendance by the court in March.


For the next hearing, prosecution filed to have a previous army sergeant on the witness stand while Chuns attorney asked to invite a helicopter pilot.


The prosecutions witness is known to have supplied ammunition to Gwangju during the May 18 period.


Chun has been indicted for calling late Priest Cho Pius a liar and a masked Satan in his memoir published in April 2017. He insisted Cho's testimony on witnessing a helicopter shooting at civilians during the May 18 Democratic Uprising was a lie.

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