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2019 Gwangju World Masters Championships Finished

광주세계마스터즈대회 대단원 막 내리다

2019 Gwangju World Masters Championships Finished


The 2019 Gwangju FINA World Masters Championships came to an end with a closing ceremony on Sunday.

Yeongju Ahn will tell us more.


The 2019 Gwangju World Masters Championships officially finished its run after the closing ceremony was held at the Asia Culture Center Art Theater outdoor performance hall on August 18th.


The closing ceremony of the event was held in attendance with Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong Sup, who was also the 2019 FINA Worlds Chief Commissioner of the Organization Committee, Chief Secretary of the event Cho Young Taek, Chairman of FINA Masters Committee Doreen Tiborcz, participating athletes and some 1,000 citizens.


In the closing speech, Mayor Lee said FINA and the athletes from across the globe highly praised this years event as the best-ever championships in the history of the FINA Worlds.


Mayor Lee also added that this years event faced many difficulties, including low budget, non-participation of North Korean athletes, and the absence of Korean star athletes, however, thanks to the unyielding support of proactive participation and mature citizenship, the event finished successfully.


After 31 days of aquatics events, the 2019 Gwangju World Aquatics Championships and Masters Championships have officially finished and Fukuoka in Japan took over the baton as the next hosting city of the FINA Worlds to be held in 2021.
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