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Former Mayor Park Gwang-Tae Appointed As Gwangju Global Motors Co. Ltd CEO

광주형일자리 '광주글로벌모터스출범..대표이사 박광태

Former Mayor Park Gwang-Tae Appointed As Gwangju Global Motors Co. Ltd CEO


Former 2-term Gwangju Mayor has been tapped to lead the new City-led finished car manufacturing company.

Yeongju Ahn will tell us more.


Former Gwangju Mayor Park Gwang-Tae was appointed as the first CEO of Gwangju Global Motors Co. Ltd., a joint venture for the Gwangju auto plant.


Former Mayor Park served three terms since he was elected as the 14th lawmaker in the Buk-gu Gap district of Gwangju in 1992. He was then elected Mayor of Gwangju in the 2002 local elections, and also won reelection in 2006.


Current Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong-Sup spoke with reporters after the launching ceremony of the Gwangju Global Motors Corporation held at the Gwangju Institute of Green-Car Advancement on Tuesday, revealing the background behind Park's appointment as CEO.


Lee said, the candidates from Hyundai Motors were excluded because the company will actively participate in the process of building the factory, he also didnt considered candidates from other related areas. Lee added that, in the end, he decided that it is important to settle the corporation at an early date by selecting someone who can connect the company with local communities, local authorizes and even central government as the CEO.


Mayor Lee stressed that since former Mayor Park worked for the Trade, Industry, SMEs, And Startups Committee three times as a lawmaker, above anyone else, he has a better understanding of the industry and automobile sector.


Park has more affection for Gwangju than anyone else, so I recommended him because I thought he can realize the spirit of social grand integration between labor and management, Lee said. The decision was made at the promoter's general meeting held on August 20th without any objection. Meanwhile, former Mayor Park Gwang-Tae did not attend the launch ceremony.

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