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Gwangju to build access roads to the Bitgreen National Industrial Complex

빛그린산단 광주방면 진입도로 개설

Gwangju to build access roads to the Bitgreen National Industrial Complex


The road expansion plan for the Bitgreen Industrial Complex situated between Gwangjus Gwangsangu and Jeollanamdos Hampyeong will begin soon, as the government made its decision to bring further development to the area.


Jongmin Kim reports.


Gwangju City announced that the Road Expansion Project between the sections from National Highway 45 to Samgeo-dong located in the Bitgreen Industrial Complex has passed the preliminary budget session conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.


The Ministry of Transport said that it is researching and carrying out a pre-feasibility study on the Bitgreen Industrial road access project with the state budget of about 69 billion-won.


The project has a length of 6.9 km, passing through the two districts of Samgeo-dong and Bonriang-dong, which is built with a total of 4 lanes, of which phase I is 4 lanes of 20m width.


In addition, to improve the residential environment of the area near the expressway, the City will set up additional soundproof installations that will minimize the traffic noise made from the road.


Regarding this, an official from the City s Traffic Construction Department said the expanded expressway will improve the traffic convenience in Gwansan-gu. Additionally, strengthening access to the factory will be the key to the success of the Gwangju-led  Gwangju Global Motors  project.


Reportedly, after the final approval from the related ministries from the national government, the city aims to begin construction in 2020 at the soonest, and expects to finish by 2023.

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