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341 medical institutions to remain open in Gwangju during Chuseok

추석 연휴 광주 의료기관 341곳·약국 465곳 문 연다

341 medical institutions to remain open in Gwangju during Chuseok


Gwangju City Hall announced Tuesday that an emergency medical service system will be operated during the Chuseok holiday.


20 emergency medical organizations and 5 emergency medical facilities will remain open around the clock.


341 medical institutions and 465 pharmacies will also be open during the holiday to minimize inconveniences for citizens in receiving necessary care.


More detailed information is available via phone at 120 Call Center, 119 Emergency Situation Control Center and 129 Health and Welfare Call Center and online at the City Halls website, district offices websites and Emergency Medical Care Portal at <>.

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