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Jeollanamdo’s ‘Blue Economy’ Plan Gained Momentum by Securing 3.8 Billion Won in Subsidy

전남 '블루 이코노미' 탄력특별교부세 38 확보

Jeollanamdos Blue Economy Plan Gained Momentum by Securing 3.8 Billion Won in Subsidy


 Jeollanamdo announced on September 13th that it has secured 3.8 billion won in special grants for its Clean Jeollanamdo Blue Economy plan.


 The budget secured this time is 3.8 billion won for the project to establish an interconnection system for natural materials and a project to create street forests alongside the Yeongsan River.


 The Blue Economy Plan is the vision of Jeollanamdo Province to build an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable innovation and growth system by utilizing new technologies leading the era of the fourth industrial revolution. The plan includes six key projects: Blue Energy, Blue Tour, Blue Bio, Blue Transport, Blue Agriculture and Fisheries, and Blue City.


 In response, Koh Kwang-Wan, Head of the planning and coordination office at the Jeollanamdo Office, said, "The provinces efforts to secure the special grant gave momentum to pending projects conducted by the province." Koh added that, in the future, Jeollanamdo will actively create new projects that will contribute to regional development and secure the maximum amount of special grants for the region.

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