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Asia Culture Center to host Gwangju Urban Design Forum

국립아시아문화전당서 1920일 국제도시디자인포럼

Asia Culture Center to host Gwangju Urban Design Forum


Gwangju City Hall announced Wednesday that the 2019 Gwangju Urban Design Forum will be held at the Asia Culture Center situated downtown Gwangju.


Meeting its 3rd turn this year, the 2-day forum will be organized under the theme of #RE_BRANDING_GWANGJU from Thursday.


The forum aims to seek for ways to develop Gwangju into an international city with lessons learned from Europes urban branding and Japans urban revitalization projects.


The City Hall plans to provide a field of exchange and communication between experts and citizens at the forum in conjunction with 2019 Gwangju Design Biennale.


More detailed information is available on the forums website at <>.


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