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South Korea imposes 3-week movement ban on pigs

돼지열병 농가 출입차량 경북·전남까지 갔다…3주 이동제한조치

South Korea imposes 3-week movement ban on pigs


Concerns are growing as it has been found that vehicles who accessed African swine fever infected farms in Paju and Yeoncheon traveled to southern regions.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said Thursday that 328 farms in Paju and 179 farms in Yeoncheon are epidemiologically involved with the 2 detected farms.


It is confirmed that they shared the same slaughter houses and vehicles which accessed those farms and more.


The Paju farm was also found with some relation with one facility in Choongcheongbukdo and the Yeoncheon farm with 6 in Choongcheongnamdo, 4 in Jeollanamdo and 3 in Gyeongsangbukdo.


The Ministry issued a 3-week ban on transportation of pigs at those related farms and plans to conduct an epidemiological test on them.


The Ministry officials have so far visited 7 farms and found negative results on their infection tests.


The Ministry explained that it will take a while for its officials to visit all farms as it could put a negative impact on quarantine efforts to visit multiple farms in a day.

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