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Gwangju Social Innovation Platform Committee Conference Held

광주사회혁신 플랫폼 추진위원회의

Gwangju Social Innovation Platform Committee Conference Held


Gwangju City Hall on Monday hosted a meeting of the Gwangju Social Innovation Platform Committee.

Yeongju Ahn has more.


The Gwangju Social Innovation Platform Committee conference was held at Gwangju City Hall on September 23rd in attendance with Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong Sup, Gwangju City Council Chairman Kim Dong Chan and some 50 representatives from various local organizations from across the region.


The Gwangju Social Innovation Platform Committee was first launched in November 2018, with the goals of tackling the impending social challenges by collecting creative ideas from each local entity and building a wide collaborative network among the local government, citizens and authorities in the region.


The conference was presided over by the Gwangju Mayor and City Council Chairman and they discussed the main agendas for the 2019 Gwangju Social Innovation Platform committee and detailed plans and proposed budgets for each agenda by listening to the local authorities and organizations attending the platform committee.


At the end of the discussion, the committee chose 11 different goals for 2019, including increasing the usage rate of public transportation, Gwangju Type Future Study City Establishment plan and more.


Regarding this, Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong Sup said, now is the time to work together by gathering better ideas to make a bright future for Gwangju.

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