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Typhoon Mitag arrives on Korean Peninsula

태풍 ‘미탁’ 오늘 밤부터 전남 직접 영향권

Typhoon Mitag arrives on Korean Peninsula


The years 18th typhoon, Mitag is steadily approaching Gwangju and Jeollanamdo.

Hyungjin Ro has more on what the typhoon is likely to bring.


The season's 18th typhoon 'Mitag' has made early landfall on the southwestern coast of the Korean Peninsula due to changes in regional atmospheric pressure.


It is now passing over the sea near Jeju in a northeast direction. It is expected to hit the coastline of South Jeolla Province around midnight, before passing through southern parts of the country early tomorrow.


The storm is dropping heavy rain on most parts of the country right now. The South Jeolla Province could get up to 300 millimeters of rainfall through tomorrow.


The typhoon lost some strength yesterday as it passed over cooler waters however, the National Weather Agency said its impact will likely be strong and extensive when it makes landfall.


A typhoon related watch was expanded to the entire nation and citizens in the South Jeolla Province and nearby areas need to be careful as high seas and strong wind warnings and advisories are also in place.

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