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Chungjang Recollection Festival begins

아시아 최대 거리문화예술축제 '추억의 충장축제막 올라

Chungjang Recollection Festival begins


There are many festivals and events being cancelled around the country due to typhoons and African swine fever. But Gwangju is hosting a major event, the Chungjang Festival, its representative street festival which is held every October.


Jongmin Kim has more.


The 17th Chungjang Recollection festival kicked off its journey yesterday with many citizens around the Asia Culture Center, Chungjang-ro, Geumnam-ro and Art Street.


Gwangju has been expanding over the past few decades and many people have moved to the suburbs, leaving downtown as just a shadow of what it was only 40 years ago. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, this area of town was the thriving heart of Jeollanamdos culture and economy. It was the place you came to for any sort of fun. It was also the place to protest against the dictators in power at the time.


This year was no exception; the area was packed with visitors from the moment the opening ceremony at the main stage near the May 18th Democratic Square on October 3rd. With " Circus and blue jeans " as the theme this year, the festival aims to activate the local economy; programs include street decoration, open alumni gatherings, contests, Chungjang DJ festival, and local band performances. The street festival created by young people comes with lots of things to see, playing the role of narrowing the gaps between generations.


If youre interesting in the Chungjang festival, the festival will run until this Sunday, and for more detailed information, check out the website at <>.  


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