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The 100th National Sports Festival opens in Seoul

100회 전국체전 개막…도쿄올림픽 태극 전사들 대거 출전

The 100th National Sports Festival opens in Seoul


The National Sports Festival opened its 7-day run on Friday at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul.


The nationwide sports event which originated in 1920 with the 1st Joseon Baseball Competition, is meeting its 100th turn this year.


Events that were held by each discipline until the 14th year, became a single festival in 1934.


The festivity met a halt from the 19th to the 25th as the country was placed under the Japanese colonial rule, but returned in October 1945 in Seoul as the Freedom National Sports Competition.


The event was for both the South and North Koreas, but met another hurdle in 1950 due to the breakout of the Korean War.


Since 1951, the festival continues as the countrys biggest sports event.


It is the first time for Seoul to host the festivity in 33 years since it last organized the event in 1986.


This years festival will be held between the 4th and the 10th at 72 venues in and around Seoul. Representatives of 17 cities and provinces as well as 18 overseas Korean delegations are taking part in 47 games.

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