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Typhoon Mitag damaged 44% of Jeollanamd laver farms

매일 늘어나는 태풍 '미탁피해…전남 김 채묘시설 44% 파손

Typhoon Mitag damaged 44% of Jeollanamd laver farms


The Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall said Sunday that a total of 275 laver farms in its jurisdiction took on damages from typhoon Mitag as of 4 p.m. on the day.


The size of the damaged farms accumulates to 44.4% of the total laver farms in the province.


Among the total, 221 farms were in Haenam, 61 in Jindo, 4 in Shinan and 1 in Wando.


Also, in Haenam and Wando, 3 abalone and oyster farms reported damages from the typhoon.


Some 1,149ha of rice paddies were reported with flooding while 1,263ha had their crops fall. Also, 2,312ha of vegetable farm lands took on damages from the typhoon.


A provincial official said the government plans to purchase the damaged rice and added the province and its cities and counties will provide proactive support for recovery measure.

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