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Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant experienced 6 counts of human error since 2010

2010년 이후 인적 실수로 원전 고장 20건…한빛원전 6

Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant experienced 6 counts of human error since 2010


Rep. Lee Gae Ho of the ruling Democratic Party on Monday revealed a document on incidents at the Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant between 2010 and 2019 from the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, KHNP.


The Hanbit Plant had a total of 6 counts of human error that led to the shutdown of a reactor.


The accidents occurred once in 2010, twice in 2014, once in 2018 and twice this year.


During the same period, a total of 20 counts of human error occurred nationwide.


A total of 124 incidents were reported nationwide in the cited period. 33 cases were measurement effort, 27 mechanical malfunctions and 21 electric failures.


Rep. Lee highlighted the importance of the skills of workers at nuclear power plants and added there is a need to review overall personal management to reduce the possibility of accidents.

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