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3 more spots in Gwangju selected for New Deal Project

광주광역시하반기 뉴딜사업 3곳 추가 선정


The City of Gwangju said 3 more spots in the City have been selected for the 2nd half of the 2019 the Urban Regeneration New Deal Project conducted by the national government.


The 3 selected projects in Gwangju include printing-street, Goryeo-in Village and the baseball village in Bukgus Im-dong . The projects mainly focus on revitalizing  communities and stabilizing living conditions.


The governments Urban Regeneration New Deal Project aims to heighten value and competiveness of once-prosperous city centers. Each designated place will undergo differently themed renovations to create better residential, economic, cultural and business environments. Gwangju plans to invest 44 billion in 3 different sections of town revitalization and residential support.  

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