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Lifelong Learning Expo to be held this week in downtown Gwangju

광주 5·18민주광장서11∼12일 평생학습박람회

Lifelong Learning Expo to be held this week in downtown Gwangju


Gwangju City Hall will organize the 6th Gwangju Lifelong Learning Expo at around the May 18 Democracy Square in downtown of the City between this Friday and Saturday.


This year’s event will provide information and various programs for citizens with a goal to introduce them to diversity in life.


Some 80 booths will be operated onsite by District Offices, the Education Office and other related organizations.


On the first day of the event, a quiz show and various artistic performances will be staged while on the second day, education groups and citizens will join together on stage.


More detailed information is available on the Gwangju Institute for Lifelong Education’s website <>.

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