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Gov't designates 7 spots in Gwangju and Jeonnam for Urban New Deal Project

도시재생 뉴딜 사업 광주와 전남 7곳 선정

Gov't designates 7 spots in Gwangju and Jeonnam for Urban New Deal Project


3 areas in Gwangju and 4 in Jeollanamdo have been selected for the 2019 Urban Regeneration New Deal Project conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.


Jongmin Kim has details.


The governments Urban Revitalization Special Committee finally confirmed that the government will inject a total of 4.9 trillion won into 76 areas nationwide. Locally, Gwangju City, Damgyang, Jangheung, Muan and Hamypeong County in the Jeolla region were selected and the projects are expected to wrap up by 2023.


The 3 selected projects in Gwangju include printing-street, Goryeo-in Village and the baseball village in Bukgus Im-dong. In Jeonnam 4 spots were selected for the project, including, Damyangs culture ecology road, Jangheungs Chil-Gori square, Muans Sungnam-ri and Hamyeongs local festival streets. The projects mainly focus on revitalizing communities and stabilizing living conditions.


Official from the Citys Urban Regeneration Department said, thanks to the approval of these projects, the regeneration projects will gain its momentum and also those selected areas will have a great chance to recover the competitiveness by revitalizing regional commercial districts


The governments Urban Regeneration New Deal Project aims to heighten the value and competiveness of once-prosperous city centers. Each designated place will undergo differently themed renovations to create better residential, economic, cultural and business environments. Gwangju and Jeonam plans to invest 300 billion in 7 different sections of town revitalization and residential support.

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