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Workers and management at Gwangju Christian Hospital reach agreement after 43 days of walkout

광주기독병원 파업 43일 만에 임단협 타결

Workers and management at Gwangju Christian Hospital reach agreement after 43 days of walkout


Unionized workers at Gwangju Christian Hospital reached a deal on Thursday with the management and will return to work.


The union engaged in a walkout for 43 days since August 27th.


The management has agreed to pay unpaid ordinary wages, establish night shift wages, increase payment for special divisions, provide permanent positions to irregular workers and improve work uniforms.


Also, the management consented not to press charges against the union officials.


A union official said the agreement will now provide grounds for workers to receive what their work is worth and expressed regret for inconveniences citizens had to experience during the strike.


Choi Yong Soo, head of the hospital said he was sorry for putting discomfort on patients, families and citizens and pledged to work with the union to re-earn trust and affection from the people.

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