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2019 Gwangju Media Art Festival kicks off

광주 미디어아트 페스티벌 오늘 개막

2019 Gwangju Media Art Festival kicks off


The 2019 Gwangju Media Art Festival begins its 8-day journey on Friday at the Asia Culture Center in downtown Gwangju.

Hyungjin Ro has more.


The 2019 Media Art Festival will kick off its 8-day run in Gwangju today.


Hosted by the Gwangju Cultural Foundation and the Asia Cultural Center, the festival will be held until the 18th at the venues of the Asia Culture Center including the Media Wall and Haneul Madang.


Under the theme of "Healing City, White Magic City," this years event aims to realize a "creative city by civilians" where media art can permeate the lives of citizens.


Through the combination of cutting-edge technology and art, the festival will showcase the story of Gwangju as a media, transforming Gwangju's identity and pain into art.


As a special exhibition, artists from diverse cities will participate in the urban exchanges program in connection with the UNESCO Media Art Creative City Policy Forum.


(The opening ceremony is scheduled at 6:30 p.m. tonight. Renowned singer Solbi, who is also known as artist Gwon Ji An, will stage a performance titled Hyperism Violet with a team of dancers.)

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