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Parties clash over KEPCO Engineering School foundation

여야 한전공대 공방 "국민 돈으로 또 대학"vs"국정과제에 딴지"

Parties clash over KEPCO Engineering School foundation


The ruling and opposition parties on Friday clashed over KEPCOs plan to establish an engineering school at a parliamentary audit session.


Rep. Choi In Ho of the ruling Democratic Party highly evaluated the plan and said establishing the school in Naju will be a model for the balanced development of the nation. Choi asked KEPCO officials to turn in a report on case studies in France, Germany and the U.S.


Rep. Kim Gyoo Hwan of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party asked the KEPCO CEO if he would agree to a plan to create a school for the hydrogen industry in Daegu where hydrogen-specialized industrial complexes are situated.


Rep. Yoon Han Hong of the LKP said it is too costly to establish a new school when student numbers are decreasing and there already are science field specialized schools such as KAIST, GIST and UNIST.


Rep. Song Gap Seok of the ruling party countered the oppositions arguments by highlighting that the school will take a pivotal role in the countrys future industries as the worlds leading energy school.

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