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Elderly driver accidents jump by 32% nationwide, decreased in Gwangju

광주지역 고령자 교통사고 사망자↓·사고 건수


The number of car accidents involving elderly people over the age of 65 who possess driver's licenses has surged nation-wide over the past five years, but has decreased in Gwangju, according to a recent report.


According to the National Police Agency, there has been a decrease of 32.1 percent in fatal accidents compared to last year, however overall car accidents slightly increased by 2.3 percent.


Last year, there were 803 accidents accounting for 28 deaths but this year it decreased 32.1 percent to 19 people, meanwhile, there has been a 2.3 percent increase in minor accidents accounting for 822 cases in the same period.


An official from the City’s Transportation Department said, "We need more policies to prevent minor accidents and people need to abide by basic traffic rules including using signals, halting at stop lines and yielding to other cars."


In order to reduce accident rates by the elderly, local governments have been paying them 100,000 won to voluntarily turn in their driver's licenses. However, this initiative has been unsuccessful in farming and rural areas.

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